Wolfies Frozen Custard - Forget Everything You Ever Knew About Ice Cream.

Founded in the early 1900’s, frozen custard is a popular treat in the mid-western and eastern United States. Using a process called overrun, air is blended into the mixture of ingredients until its volume increases by approximately 20%. By comparison, ice cream may have an overrun of as large as 100%, meaning half of the final product is composed of air. It’s the percentage of butterfat and egg yolk that gives frozen custard its velvety texture and a smoother consistency than ice cream. And, frozen custard also has less fat than luxury ice creams by as much as half.  Frozen custard is most often served at 18 degrees Fahrenheit or about 8 degrees warmer than the temperature at which ice cream is served.
Wolfies Gourmet Frozen Custard is committed to flavor and freshness, with over 50 mouth-watering flavors and growing.